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DPP-260E/ZHJ-160D Automatic Plate Type Blister-Box Packing Production Line
Introduction of Production Line:
This high speed packing production line integrate the blister and box production into one, which is a combination of light, machine, electricity, gas,and controlled by the intelligent PLC system; Aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine adopts advanced process, automatic folding instruction and medicine plate to automatically complete continuous operation of the medicine and carton packaging job, besides, the product has advanced self-check function. The production line with advantages of good appearance, compact structure, rational layout, widely application and fluent process which can be seen directly. Enterprise in line with GMP standards, can meet the needs of large-scale production, the machine is suitable for all kinds of tablet, capsule, ampoules and other medical products, also can pack food and electronic components.
Main Technical Parameter
  Item Parameter
Blister packing machine punching frequency 20-50 times / min
max forming area 320 × 260 × 30mm
forming range 40-320mm
specification of blister can be designed according to user requirements
packing material PVC hard film (0.25-0.5) × 260mm
PTP aluminum foil (0.02-0.0.5) × 260mm
electric heating power PVC Preheat Board 2 * 2KW
mold cooling tap water or circulating water
main motor power 1.5KW
Carton machine size of cardboard (l*w*h) Maximum size 250 × 85 × 70mm
Minimum size 55 × 25 × 12mm
Specification Of Cardboard 250-350g/m2
Leaflet size (l*w) 220*180mm 100*100mm
specification of leaflet 60-70g / ㎡
capacity 80-130 box / min
main motor power 2.2kw
    power 380V 50HZ
air-consumption > 0.2m 3
pressure 0.5-0.7mpa
packaging dimensions (l*w*h) 10000 × 1560 × 1700mm
weight 4000kg
total power machine 12kw
total air-consumption(max) 200L / min
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