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DPP-260E Cantilever Style Flat-plate Blister Machine
Function Features
It is suitable for different shape packaging of Alu / PVC, Paper/Alu and Alu /Alu for capsule, tablet, candy, honey shape pills,vial , ampoule , disposable syringes and so on in industries of pharmaceutical, foodstuff, health product, medical instruments and etc.
Main Technical Parameter
Cutting Frequency 10~50 Times/min Production Capacity 18000pcs/h
Max.Shaping Areas and Depth 320x26Ox3Omm Max. Trave 320mm
Standard Plate 80×57mm(Can be designed according to customer requirements) Air Supply 0.4MPa~0.6MPa
PVC Rigid Sheet 0.15-0.5×260mm PTP Aluminum Foil 0.02-0.035 ×260mm
Dialysis Paper 50~100g×260mm Main Motor Power 2.2Kw
Mould Cooling Tap water or circulating water Weight 2500Kg
Overall Dimensions 4600 ×1000 × 1900mm(L×W×H)    
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