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DPP-260D/ZHJ-160D Penicillin Bottle(Vertical Type)Automatic Packing Production Line
Function Features
This machine is a producing line which can be used for packing schering bottles and so on. It uses plate type blister and cartoning to finish the product. Each single machine is connected by the conveyor belt, it does not need the manual feeding, all the process are finished automatically. It saves a lot of labor power, reduces the cost, improves the production efficiency and the qualification rate of product, also, avoid cross infection of packing materials and ensure the production process are in line with the GMP
requirements. The machine have compact structure, reasonable arrangement and higher producing efficiency which have got the highest international anc domestic level.
Function Features
PLC automatic control, frequency step less speed regulation, widely adjustment ranae. lower transmission noise.
Main parts adopt domestic and international famous brand to ensure the operation smoothly.
The main parts adopt the stainless steel which meet the GMP standard
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